Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life Since Lyla

Enjoying rainy days (someone loves his umbrella!)

Sweet girl

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Easter as a Family of Four :)  (check out E's suit!)

Egg Huntin'

The girls :)

First real bath... she actually did enjoy it after a minute!

Spending every afternoon outside in this glorious spring weather!

Lyla's first farmer's market excursion!

Sorry for the lack of posts!  We are getting the hang of this 2 kid thing and it is beginning to feel more normal :)  I can't believe Lyla is three weeks old today!  I will try to do a 1 month post about her when that comes.  We are loving getting to know our daughter.  She is definitely not her brother!  I guess that makes it more fun to imagine who she will grow up to be.  I hope you are enjoying this spring season!  This little one hasn't kept us indoors.  I'll try to write again soon!