Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blogging and Things

So, I have to admit that with having two kids, I have a hard time getting anything done beyond my daily requirements (preparing meals, caring for kids, tidying the house, etc.).  I made a few lists the other day.  They were "Daily Tasks", "Semi-regular Tasks", "Occasional Tasks", and "Hobbies".  Let me tell you, they were LONG.  With the kids, meals, cleaning, yardwork, grooming the boys, grooming the dog, home repairs and improvements, traveling, and so on, it's hard to get to do the extra things I enjoy like run and blog.  I made these lists in hopes that if I might finish my "daily tasks" one day, I can look to the other lists to see what needs to be done on those. 

And the traveling.  Oh, the traveling.  We have been gone SO much the last few months.  I love traveling to see family and things, but it is SO hard to stay on top of one's home when you are never here.  Always unpacking and then re-packing.  This girl has got to learn to say no.  So, I've made a new rule that we will only leave town one weekend a month.  Being here on the weekends will allow us to not only see our church family more, but also get things under control around here, so MAYBE we can get the opportunity to do the hobbies we enjoy. 

All this to say, I love blogging and I want to do more than monthly updates of my sweet baby.  I want to write about the family and home projects we've been doing and spiritual things and recipes, etc.  I feel happy writing about those things.  It's unrealistic to think I will write daily, but even 1-2 times a week would be great.

Caleb's work is going great and God keeps bringing in the projects.  Thankful for His provision.  So, he may begin to work a little more.  If he worked on some nights, this is a great time for me to do some blogging.  That makes me a little excited. 

Anyway, is anyone else loving this cool, rainy July we've been having?  If you know me, you'll know I am not the biggest summer person.  The shady trees in our backyard do wonders to cool us off, but I still choose fall, spring, and winter over summer.  I have been loving this mild summer.  It fills me with hopes of a cold, snowy winter!  We haven't gotten much snow the last few winters, but if this trend continues we may get a good snow or two this winter!!  Ok, ok, I'll stop talking about snow in July. 

Here are some pics of the kiddies...

Hallelujah! They are beginning to pave Crossover!
 We have enjoyed watching all the big trucks work on Crossover since we've lived here.  We've gotten to see such a variety of trucks at work!  Little boy's heaven.  Pretty interesting, too, if I do say so myself.

Watching swim lessons

Here is a video of Emerson jumping off the diving board.  Please ignore my looong, draaaawn oooouut, annoooooyyying vooooice...........

Someone got caught raiding the M&M's... at 7AM!!

Sisters & Cousins

We've been into painting these days

Pushing sissy

Our current project.  Soon the beadboard will match the bottom.

My $15 purchase!
That's all for now!  I hope to write soon!

Friday, July 26, 2013

4 months

Miss Lyla,

It is crazy to me that you are 4 months old!  I admit I'm a little relieved the newborn stage is over and I am loving seeing your personality unfold.  You add such an important part to our family.  I am loving the stage our family is in right now.  You adore big brother and brother is so sweet with you.  He gives you kisses on your head several times a day and he tries to play with you and talk to you in a super high-pitched voice like mommy does :)

I'm having a hard time pegging your personality, because it seems like much of the time you are quiet, mostly because there is so much going on around you to watch!  But when I am with you one-on-one, you love talking and being talked to.  You are most definitely a smiley baby and I love that about you.


 -You have a wonderful baby giggle these days, especially when mommy kisses your neck.  You love the anticipation when you can tell I'm going to do it.

-You have learned to shake your rattle.  It's cute because your whole arm goes up and down.

-You still love that baby in the mirror.  Maybe you are starting to realize it's you?
-You love bath time and have discovered you can splash with your hands and feet.
-You have discovered how you can grab your feet in the past week.
-Daddy has spoiled you by giving you tastes of fruit, so now when you sit on our laps for dinner, you fuss and "root" until we give you tastes.  We probably won't start solids anytime too soon though.
-Unfortunately, you have decided to reject the bottle.  We are working to fix this though.
-At your 4 month appointment you were 14 pounds, 24 1/4 inches long, and your head was 16 inches around.  You are finally proportionate at 50th percentile across the board.  Last time, your head was in the 25%!
-At your 4 month appointment we also found out you have an ear infection :(  I didn't even suspect it yet, because you were happy and didn't have a fever.  I think we may have caught it early.
-You still don't roll much, but you go from your back to your side quite a bit.
-We took Emerson to see his first movie this past weekend and consequently, you got to see your first movie too!  We saw Despicable Me 2.  You did awesome.  You sat quietly on Grandma's lap and stayed very fascinated by the big screen. And you napped soundly for the last 30 minutes.

Little Fishie

Early Mornin'

Goofing off with Daddy

You are a joy and blessing.  I thank God for you and pray for you always.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Funny Things

Emerson is at that age where he says funny things.  I've been trying to enter them into my phone so I can remember them.  They were definitely funny in the moment.  Maybe you will find them humorous?  Here are a few:

After getting out of the pool, Emerson points to his nipples...
Emerson: What are these called?
Me:  (thinking... I don't know any other kid-friendly word for them) Those are your nipples.
Emerson:  My nibbles.  (proceeds to call them his nibbles several times.  I think I like that word better)

After giving Caleb his hammock for his birthday, Emerson had the hardest time remembering the word for it!  He kept wanting to call it a basement!  He even told a friend from church that we got Daddy a basement for his birthday. Ha!  I think he had just learned the word basement and was confusing it or something, but he was cracking me up!

One day Emerson and I were talking about different jobs people can do when they grow up.
Me:  Daddy's job is to be an engineer.  He helps make things.
Emerson:  Daddy makes coffee.  (Yes. Yes, son, he does).

We decided to get McDonald's for dinner one night on a whim and as we were walking inside,
Me: You are going to get a happy meal,  you will get some chicken nuggets, and some fries and a toy!
We sat down and after Emerson ate all his food, looking around he asked:
Where's my happy?

One day we needed to get out of the house, so I took Emerson to Chick-fil-A to play in the indoor play area.  He befriended this 8 year old boy and said he was going to chase him.  The boy went to the top of the tubes and was running from E, but E got distracted.
Boy: Are you gonna get me?
Emerson:  No, I'm Emerson Paul.

This boy is so special to us.  I am loving who he is growing up to be.  I love seeing the world through his eyes.  He is so full of joy, excitement, energy, and curiosity.  I am proud to call him my boy :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Hands Full of Blessings

Both kids are down for a nap (what are the chances?), and I don't feel like taking a nap (what are the chances?)!  So I thought I'd do a little life update!

Emerson had his first big wound a week ago.  It was Saturday morning and he was standing on a stump and jumping off repeatedly.  We didn't think anything of it and were actually all standing right beside him watching.  He climbed back on and lost his balance falling backwards off the stump.  He hit his head on one of the big rocks we have surrounding our sandbox.  There was blood and lots of it.  Thankfully, Caleb works well and fast in emergency situations.  He had it under control within a few minutes.  I was so glad he was home.  I know you probably don't want to see a picture, but I am posting one for my record :)  We figured he didn't need stitches, so we didn't take him in.

  We have thanked God many times that it was not worse than it was.  I don't know how I'm going to handle little accident prone boys, as I'm sure we have many more injuries ahead of us!

I just had to post this picture, because it was Lyla's first time swinging by herself.  This is one of those things that a mom would probably not do at 3 months, but a dad would.  

We hosted playgroup last week and the kids enjoyed our little inflatable pool.  Emerson loves having friends over.  He is so social.  Our playgroup has been meeting for 2 years this past month!  How fun!

Siblings :)

Emerson and Charlotte always enjoy playing together

All dressed up for church on Sunday.  She's wearing a little silver bracelet that my mom got her :)

This past week my mom came and helped me get my house in order.  It needed it so badly.  I was WAY behind on packing up outgrown clothes and spent 2 of the three days she was here doing that.  We also decluttered, cleaned out closets, organized cabinets, framed pictures, rearranged the living room, did some lawn care, etc.  Only a mom would go to someone else's house and help do such things unpaid.  We are so blessed to have such a support system like our parents who help out with things like that.  Oh, and Caleb and I went on a date :) 

Emerson had his first sleep over at his cousin Caeden's house this past weekend.  I think they had a blast :)  They roasted hotdogs and smores over the fire, had a bubble bath together, made cookies, and watched a movie.  Here are the pictures Ashley sent me.


They were acting like best buddies :)  I can't wait to see all the cousin relationships in a few years. 

Finally, we had a great 4th of July.  We had a pretty low key day, which included a family nap, which was awesome.  We grilled dogs and brats and did some fireworks, which Emerson loved.  He keeps asking to do them again.

Emerson's first sparkler ever!

This is what your hands look like if you play with a smoke bomb

As you can tell from the blue handed picture, we have entered the days of summer where Emerson needs a bath every single day (we are not normally a bathe everyday family). 

Lastly, here is a video of Lyla playing the drums with her feet this morning :)  She was rockin' it.

I am loving the stage we are at right now.  Lyla is pretty easy going and Emerson is getting old enough to really enjoy all the fun festivities in our life.  I definitely do have those days where I don't think I can handle the two's or wild little boys.  He tests us A LOT these days.  But we are makin' it and I have to remember that parenting is a marathon, not a sprint.  But most days I do feel like my hands are just full of blessings :)  Thanks for readin' and have a happy weekend!