The Gang

Hi!  I'm Amber Gutshall.  Thanks for visiting my little blog!  Let me just tell you a little bit about our family.  I married my husband, Caleb, in May of 2009.  He is a loving, kind, patient man and I am so thankful God chose him for me. 

A little after our first anniversary God surprised us with a pregnancy (unplanned)!  Nine months later we gave birth to our son, Emerson (March 2011).  We figured now that we had already started having kids, why stop now?  So, two years later (March 2013), we gave birth to our sweet baby girl, Lyla. We love the stage our little family is at right now and feel beyond blessed to have the joy of this experience. 

In November 2012, we bought our first home.  We enjoy making it our own and working on house projects.  Our two favorite things about our home are our big, tree-covered backyard in the summer and our wood-burning fireplace in the winter!

Oh yes, I almost forgot Brody, our quirky dog!  He's became a part of our family about a year before Emerson was born.   Meet Brody.  We do not always dress him; this was on Halloween.

On my blog I try to chronicle our family happenings, share home improvement projects, share spiritual convictions, post favorite recipes and whatever else I feel inspired to write about!  Enjoy!