Monday, August 31, 2015


Anticipation is in the air at the Gutshall house.  I know when you are pregnant with the third child, it can seem less exciting because you've been there and done that.  But something super fun about this time around is that Emerson and Lyla are old enough to anticipate and get excited about our growing family.  Anytime we do much preparation, they get super involved.  And they love to talk about what they are going to do with the baby or how they are going to help take care of her.  I've probably shared this before but we had a really difficult transition going from 1 to 2 children.  I have hope that this transition will be smoother because Emerson is older, more mature and not so wild.  Lyla is calm and independent.  Plus the two entertain each other quite often.  Emerson can also help in ways that are actually helpful!  I'm praying for a smoother transition and that this sweet babe is a light and joy after a a year of financial hardship.  Which leads me to tell you her name!  We are naming this sweet baby girl......
 Ellen Joy!

 Ellen means a bright shining light and Joy means joy in the Lord.  We are just under two months away from her due date and look forward to welcoming her into our family.

I also want to update you on my older two while I am actually sitting down and writing a post, because that rarely happens these days ;)  First, Emerson.  This boy has been mostly a delight lately.  I feel like when he turned 4, he really started mellowing out and not being so wild constantly (though he's learned to be quite the whiner these days too)!  He spends a lot of his time playing outside with our neighborhood kids going on adventures, creating "campsites", exploring, and just getting dirty and sweaty in general.  These boys are pretty creative and have a lot of fun together.  He is also playing soccer again this fall and is quite the "beast" as one mother called him, haha!  He tends to be a high scorer and I think enjoys himself.  I'm proud of the boy he's becoming.

Lyla girl is very much a girly girl lately, dressing up as either a princess, ballerina, or Minnie Mouse most days.  When I pick out her outfit in the morning, she must confirm that it twirls before I put it on her.  But she also knows how to get dirty and sweaty with big brother as well.  As I shared recently, I love a little tomboy with my princess ;)

The girl is STILL obsessed with books and particularly likes them in a stack.  She picks out books, stacks them up and then asks you to read them to her.  If I'm not at a place to stop what I'm doing and read, she will read them to herself.  It's quite a different experience having a girl toddler than a boy.  I secretly love it.

Hopefully I can post again before Ellen Joy comes with one last life update, because I think there might be more "news" to share by that point!  Until then, goodbye!


  1. You described them to a tee. I love them and they make me proud! They both are going to be great helpers! It's a joy to watch them grow. You and Caleb are doing a great job at parenting!!!

  2. Look at that cute baby bump! Can't wait to meet precious Ellen Joy!! I love hearing updates on your sweet family. I hope we can come to a soccer game this season. 4 is way better than 3 (I agree with the whining though, ha!). Lyla and her books - such a smart girl!! Praying for you all as you transition from a family of 4 to a family of 5 and for whatever else God has in store for you! :)