Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Top Worst Things About Being Sick:

1.  I don't get to hold and kiss my baby near as much as I'd like.
2.  Everything seems harder to do.  Weak.  Tired.  Throwing up is the worst.

Top Best Things About Being Sick:

1.  I haven't slept this much in a single day in years.
2.  Gilmore Girls.
3.  I get to see what an amazing husband I have to take care of me.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Double Digits

Well, my little boy is 10 months today, y'all.  It's just crazy!  He is such a joy and blessing and I am so grateful to have him as my son.  Here are some things going on in his little life these days.

-Emerson loves food.  He has from day one.  He eats chicken, veggies, fruits, cottage cheese, shredded cheese, oatmeal, noodles, etc.  He is basically eating a lot of table food now.  He even joined us in eating pomegranate seeds the past few days!  He loves 'em!  Which I was a little surprised about because they have a hard seed in the middle.

-He crawls. Fast.  And he cruises on everything.  I guess you could say he has taken his first steps this past month...  We got him to take a couple steps back and forth to us, but he has only done it a few times.  He may start walking soon.  We'll see.  Crawling is faster, so he may prefer that method.

-He still loves books.  He will sit for so long and read book after book.  He has recently pointed out to me dogs and cats in books.  And he kisses the dogs on all the pages.  He can turn board book pages one at a time.  He also loves Brody (our dog) and will pat him.

-I think we can say officially that his first word is dada.  He imitates words/sounds (versions of dog, door, book), but he can't say them if I ask him what they are.  But I know his receptive language (comprehension) is growing rapidly.  He can follow simple commands (turn the page, come here, put the ball in, etc.).

-He does not have stranger anxiety at all, but does have separation anxiety.  He knows how to work it in public when people give him attention.  He gets a big grin on and sometimes even makes a face with squinty eyes (see below).  What a goofball.  He is learning what gets responses.

-He can wave now and does it when we tell him to. 

-Emerson LOVES baths.  And he knows what the term "bath night" means.  Last night, we told Emerson it was bath time, so he crawled very fast to the doorway of his room, stopped, turned and looked and us and pulled on his shirt.  I guess he realizes his clothes have to be taken off.  So, after I undressed him, he raced to the bathroom where Caleb plunked him in the tub.  

He is just at a fun stage right now.  He learns so much all the time.  But he is into everything, all the time.  The past ten months have been a blast and I love Emerson so much. 

** Emerson's stats from his 9 month appt show that he is about 50th percentile for height and weight.  75% for head.  And we officially know that he HATES having his ears checked.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's New to Me

There are lots of new things going on here, folks.

New Car

New Saw

New Canisters

New Decor

New Vacuum