Thursday, March 19, 2015

Baby Girl Turns TWO!

How on earth is my baby girl TWO today?  I'm telling you this past year flew. by.  The one-year-old age is probably one of my favorites.  They are just such a cute size at this age and they are learning SO much SO fast.  They sleep well and learn to communicate and say funny things!  It's just a joy.  Lyla is a joy for me.

If you knew me during her first year of life, you knew that her first year was a HARD year.  But something switched around her first birthday and she is now (knock on wood) my easiest.  Here are a few things I want to remember about her at this age.

1.  She is OBSESSED with books. I've never seen anything like it.  It's almost at the point where I wonder if she should be playing other things sometimes. Ha!  She will stack up a big stack of books and want to read them.   If she sees you sit down, she will immediately gather some books and target you to read to her.  Grandma hates it.  Please note sarcasm.  She gets it from Grandma ;)
         a.  She particularly loves her Bible books.  She has memorized bits and pieces of several stories and she can go through them and tell you about them a little.  For example she says phrases like this, "Joseph daddy made coat."  or "Abraham count stars!"  or "Built tabernacle."  It's kind of cute.  I don't know why she loves these books so much.  Maybe the pictures or paper pages or the size of the books?  But I silently pray that she always loves God's word throughout her life.

Here are a few pics I stole of Lyla with her nose in a book!

Caleb and I feel that this picture pretty accurately captures our children

2.  She is an excellent talker.  Talked fluently early.  But she doesn't talk all the time.  She just speaks well.

3.  She enjoys the outdoors...until bugs.  Then we're terrified.  We will work on it this summer.  I blame the winter.

4.  She enjoys (most of the time) being friends with Emerson.  Sometimes she will even engage in a friendly wrestling match with him.

5.  She is independent and content to play by herself.  Unlike brother who wants to be around people 24/7, she enjoys time alone and will sometimes even lock herself in her room to read.

6.  She went through a very very long phase when she wanted me to sing her the ABC's every single night as her bedtime song.  I just tried to make it sound sleepy, long, and drawn out.  Ha.  In the mornings she likes to lie in bed for awhile before I come to get her.

Lyla, you are such a special girl to mommy.  And I pray we have a close relationship throughout our whole lives.  You are a light and joy and blessing to all of us and we are so grateful that God gave us you.  I pray that you grow up to love God and know Him and serve Him.  I love you!!

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