Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Party Animals!

We had a joint birthday party for Emerson and Lyla this year!  If you are looking for pinterest worthy ideas, themes, and games, you are in the wrong place! LOL... I have had the conviction lately that I am done keeping up with the fancy people on the internet!  This goes for my home, my parenting, my fashion, AND birthday parties! When I was a kid, my birthday was magical simply because it was my day and I had family and cake and balloons, and I probably liked the presents too. So, that's what we did this year.  We had it at the park and didn't even really have a theme.  Just balloons, streamers, cakes, family, and presents!

The morning of Emerson's 4th birthday, he was ecstatic.  He could hardly contain his excitement.  He just kept doing this.

We gave him a present or two that day and put streamers up and had a few balloons!  We also had some cupcakes at playgroup.  He felt pretty special that day.

Here are  few things Emerson is up to these days:
-He is a big helper around here.  I'm really enjoying this older age!
- He is learning how to write his name.  He is just now enjoying quiet activities (puzzles, games, art, legos etc.)  Until now he has been so energetic he was not interested much in calm activities.
-He learned how to ride his bike without training wheels at 3 1/2.  I think it's because he learned using a balance bike.
-He favorite activity is wrestling.  And battling with swords.
-He loves playing with friends.  Some of his best friends are (in no particular order): Aidan, Shea, Graham, Connor, Sam (school), Caeden (cousin), and Caleb Braschler (little Caleb!).
-Favorite color: blue
-What he wants to be when he grows up: police man
-Favorite movie/show: Jake and the Neverland Pirates

The weekend of the party, family came into town and it was a fun cousin and grandparent filled weekend!

Now the cakes ARE pinterest worthy because my mother-in-law always makes their cakes and she does an amazing job!! Here is Emerson's:

Lyla's cake:

The birthday kids :)

The kids with their Great Grandparents:

Sorry I don't have a million pictures! We also had Emerson's first soccer game that next day!  He did pretty well and I think he has already improved! He did get a stitch in his side though that bothered him from all the running :)

It was a fun weekend and I think the kids felt pretty special and loved!  We are very blessed.

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